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School Rings / Championship Rings

What is the difference between First Recognition, Balfour, and Artcarved?

First Recognition is a Canadian jewellery manufacturer that specializes in scholastic jewellery. We are the Canadian distributor of Balfour University and Championship Rings and Artcarved Highschool Rings. We also manufacture our own line of rings available at different highschools, colleges and universities.

How long does a ring take to be made once it’s ordered?

Rings generally take 10-12 weeks to be made and delivered from your order date. All rings must pass quality control as we emphasize the highest quality standards in the industry. For the status of your order please contact Please have your Reference Number, School Name, and Metal Choice available to find out your order status.

If I never purchased my ring in highschool, college, or university; how do I go about ordering one?

Please contact and tell us where you went to school and when. A recognition consultant will contact you very soon!

Employee Recognition

Why First Recognition over the many other recognition companies?

What makes First Recognition unique is that we are an actual manufacturer. Many recognition companies actually purchase their logo pieces from us. We prefer to work direct and save your organization money.

Is there a benefit of working with a Canadian company?

First Recognition takes great pride in being a Canadian manufacturer. Although our main focus is how to properly service your company, using a Canadian supplier will not only ensure this happens but will also benefit your budget.

How much does an organization typically spend per year of service?

In recent years the industry standard for service awards has been $15-$25 per year of service. First Recognition will work with you to accommodate your specific budget.

My organization employs many different departments of employees ranging from manufacturing to office to sales. How can I set up a program to suit the needs of all employees?

First Recognition develops employee recognition programs for all types of companies. Our recognition consultants will work with you to make this task easy. Allow us to help you get started by completing our company profile analysis.

What types of items typically get used in an employee recognition program?

First Recognition uses market research to identify the ideal items to be used in employee recognition programs however it really depends on your company. To recognize years of service, traditional items (those with heirloom value), tend to be used more often while “points programs” tend to be more flexible and use some of our lifestyle items.

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