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In an ever-changing corporate world, employee retention has been on the decline. Experts say that job tenure is decreasing on an annual basis. How does a company effectively try and solve the issue of maintaining company satisfaction while retaining employees?

Recognize Your Employees.

Employee recognition too often has become more about fulfilling the need to present a gift item than actually recognizing the individual. Preparing a program that is going to specifically target the needs of your organization is the key to improving and maintaining company morale.


What type of program will be the most effective for your organization? The First Recognition expertise is one of the greatest services that we will provide. We’ll determine from the size of your company and the goals of your program what will ensure success. Examples of programs include:

  1. “Years Of Service Awards Programs”
    This program rewards employees based on years of service and dedication. The “Years of Service Awards Program” has remained the most popular type of employee recognition program for many years and can be tailored to any budget.

  2. “Points Value Programs”
    This program rewards employees based on accumulated points for various services. The “Points Value Program” is especially popular in recognizing safety or quota achievements.

  3. “Recognition Pin Programs”
    This program rewards employees for various reasons by using our custom pins. As one of the leading manufacturers of corporate insignia in the country, we have the capacity to design and develop your specific logo on a pin and metal of your choice.

  4. “Signet and Stone Ring Programs”
    This program rewards employees for various reasons by designing a custom ring. Whether a stone is used or we design a signet ring with your corporate insignia, we are confident that our product will exceed your expectations. As the Canadian distributor or Balfour Championship Rings, we also have access to many designs similar to those that professional athletes have used. This program is very popular in recognizing sales achievements.

  5. “Corporate Gifting Programs”
    This rewards employees on an individual basis. First Recognition is a full service employee recognition company and we have the capacity to develop a program that allows for individual awards at specific levels. Special milestones, retirement, lifetime achievements and many others all fall under this category.


When searching for the proper employee recognition provider, you will come across hundreds of different suppliers. How does a company like First Recognition stand out from our competition?

  1. “It’s Our Business”
    We’ve been operating as a manufacturer of corporate and scholastic insignia for over 100 years. We’ve worked with all types of organizations ranging from individual awards for local companies to the Stanley Cup Champions. We’ve customized programs for smaller number employee organizations and have developed detailed insignia programs for several of the countries largest employers. First Recognition is a full service recognition company and we will meet any of your needs.

  2. “Canadian Manufacturing”
    The unique manufacturing capabilities that First Recognition has are unparalleled. We manufacture all insignia on site at our Toronto Headquarters which is a great advantage in terms of service. We don’t have to wait for another manufacturer to provide us with logos to be used on awards. This saves our clients greatly in terms of time and price.

  3. “Recognition Consulting”
    We realize that our job is to make yours easier. When designing an employee recognition program, we tailor a program that not only is going to meet the specific needs of your employees, but we’re going to assist you to determine what program will suit the needs of your administration. Let us use our expertise to ensure that your responsibilities to the program are user friendly. First Recognition has a full team of recognized individuals specializing in marketing and sales.

  4. “Customer Service”
    The key to any successful sales driven company is good customer service. Our customer service department is unparalleled and our Customer Service Manager has received numerous awards throughout the scholastic and recognition industry.

  5. “Building Relationships”
    When you allow for First Recognition to create an employee recognition program, our services go far beyond providing gift items. We’ve been operating for over 100 years and have developed key relationships in this industry that have lasted for lifetimes. We hope that we will create great business relationships along with lasting friendships through this process!


“What type of program is going to be effective in my organization and how do I implement it in a way that is easy and efficient for my staff?”

The answer to this question lies in building a successful relationship between First Recognition and your organization. To begin we suggest that you fill out:

After completing your survey First Recognition will analyze the specifics of your organization to present you with several ideas for a proper Employee Recognition Program. Our consultants will suggest ideas for:

  1. Type of Program
  2. Program Assisted Materials
  3. Recognition Program Training
  4. Program Analysis

Program Assisted Materials

Once we have developed and created the specific type of program that you would like to implement, our recognition consultants will guide you through the proper steps of launching your Employee Recognition Program. We will help determine if your organization would benefit from:

  • *Brochure Format*
    The most popular and consistent form of an employee recognition program is to tailor a custom brochure to be given to your employees. Hands on, and very personal this format has been proven to be the finest presentation piece.

  • *On-Line Brochure*
    If your company would prefer to have brochures emailed to employees receiving service awards, First Recognition will make this service available. Typically this program is used for international gifting.

  • *Detailed Artwork Programs*
    When an organization uses First Recognition Pins we often receive requests to produce artwork that can be seen or emailed to employees receiving service awards. Our Design Team will produce a quality piece that will emphasize and promote the special employee recognition awards given within your organization.

Recognition Program Training

The most successful employee recognition organizations all know one thing too well:

Our job is to make your job easier. With all of your day-to-day duties, employee recognition programs can become quite confusing if not effectively implemented. Our expert consultants will help you implement the program and monitor its success. We take our Customer Service very seriously and take great pride servicing any of our customers. Our team will use a “hands on” approach to meet with you and guide you through the proper pre-determined steps of your program.

Once your program is up and running, we will be available for customer support at your convenience. Whether it’s a product knowledge session you require or determining your order status, we’ll be here for you!

Included in our services are consulting sessions that allow for us to outline some of the more successful recognition ceremonies to date. Remember, an employee recognition program goes far beyond giving a gift item. First Recognition wants to ensure that your organization and employees utilize the program as efficiently as possible.

Program Analysis

To be a successful company you must be innovative. To be a successful employee recognition supplier, you must recognize this need. Every year our suppliers introduce new products and services that may benefit your organization. Your staff may have new ideas that would increase the success of your employee recognition programs. One of the most popular services that we’ll provide is a “Program Analysis”.

First Recognition consultants will assist you in reviewing your existing program and making the appropriate changes to improve an already strong awards package. Allow us to introduce new ideas, technology, and services that will ensure your Employee Recognition Program is reaching it’s full potential. When you’re employee recognition program is implemented properly, making changes to gift items is not a difficult task. We want to be certain that your employees are receiving the best in service.

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